Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Offices and 3D Floor Plan Designs are best chosen according to work profile but not product

3D Floor Plan Designs are required for all type of architectural works. But there are always different types of needs for different types of architectural projects. Similarly when a 3D floor plan is to be developed for offices, the floor plan handler must think of work profile carried in the office.

3D Floor Plan Designs for offices are but natural and obviously be made different from that of businesses and from that of the houses used for residents. There are lot many types of offices, and each class of the office must be different from each other. Mainly people assume that the product or service or a procedure carried out at the office is the most considerable aspect while creating 3D Floor Plans for offices. True. But, that is not the only aspect. 3D Floor Plan designs for the offices are required to behave accordingly not only with the products or services, but also the work culture present there, communities, and the profile that particular office possess.

There is also a misconception between an office and the building. The building itself is an office, but office is not the building! To clarify, it is suggested to know that there can be different offices in a single building. But, a single office may not be the whole office, though it can be made in that way.

There are different types of offices such as:
  • Administrative offices.
  • Accounts Office.
  • Computer Branch OR IT Room.
  • Manufacturing and Processing Unit Offices.
  • HR and Managerial Offices.
  • Sales offices.
  • Legal Services offices.
  • Offices for Inventory management.
And many more other types. The offices of each category listed, can be a part of any business. Since all the businesses must have all the departments for the business to run smoothly. Hence, it is a must that the 3D Floor Designs for each type of the office must be different according to the profile of the work, hence providing the best infrastructure facility for the worker to show skills and work with great ease. If the product would be kept as a center while designing the floor plan in 3D it may become that the company is concerned about the self only and doesn’t have any care for the workers. This way the employees may get frustrated. Therefore, the employees’ needs are also required to meet.

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