Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Choosing a Log Home Floor Plan That is Right for You

3D Floor Plan
Before you spend too much time browsing 3D floor plan possibilities than firstly you need to know where that home will be built that you know about the area of space for build a floor plan. Not all floor plan designs are suited for all building sites. Additionally, some plans are designed to take advantage of the home's location that relative to sunlight so even if you already own your land, you will want to know where and how your home will be positioned on your property. Once you have an idea of where those logs will be stacked it's time to figure out what that stack needs to look like.

A floor plan is all about space deployment, or more specifically, the space you want (or need) for family members, guests, pets, entertaining and basic household operations like cooking, dining, laundry, storage, etc. Furthermore, it is easy to overlook space requirements for many things we take for granted such as hobbies that try to come in reality, displaying collections by animation or model and cover other family activities. 

This allows architects and homeowners to literally see design elements prior to construction and alter design elements during the design phase. 3D floor plans are often commissioned by architects, builders, hotels, universities, real estate agents, and property owners to assist in relating their floor plans to clients. 
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